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Steven B Cheung - Coldwell Banker

Steven B Cheung - Coldwell Banker


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Steven B Cheung Real Estate specializes in Downsizing, First-Time Buyers and Investments. I have been involved in Real Estate for the past 35+ years.

I understand the needs of downsizing clients, such as empty nesters or retirees looking for smaller, more manageable homes. I have developed a network of professionals who can assist with downsizing, and my service is to help declutter, stage and transport unwanted furniture to non-profit organizations. In addition, my team will provide personalized support throughout the process and understand the emotional aspects of transitioning to a smaller home.

For First-Time Buyers, I educate them on buying a home in the local Real Estate market, including property values, mortgage options, and government programs. We handhold clients through home-buying, pre-approval, property search, negotiations, and closing procedures. We assist buyers in determining their budget and identifying suitable properties within their price range. We provide guidance on mortgage options and connect clients with reputable lenders and lawyers specializing in First-Time Buyers. With our resources, we can explain the various costs associated with buying a home, such as inspections, appraisals, and closing fees, ensuring that First-time buyers are well informed.

I have been investing in Real Estate since 1984 and have experienced the market's ups and down. I stay up-to-date with market trends, rental rates and economic indicators to identify attractive investment opportunities. I assist clients in analyzing potential investment properties, considering factors such as cash flow, appreciation potential and market demand. I help investors understand financial options, including traditional mortgages or private mortgages. I have a network of professionals, such as property managers, accountants, contractors and lawyers. I stay informed about tax regulations and incentives related to real estate investing and advise on maximizing returns and minimizing risks. I continue to build a strong network of contacts, maintaining ongoing education with my credentials, and providing excellent customer service is vital to becoming a trusted and successful specialist in these areas. 


Steven Cheung

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