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Artistica Ballroom Dance Studio

Artistica Ballroom Dance Studio


Dance *Sports, Recreation & Entertainment


Whether you’re a beginner with lots of questions, or an advanced student looking to get even better, we have the instructors and the facility to help you reach your ballroom goals.

Like No Other Dance Studio

What makes us unique is that we are an independent studio, not a corporate franchise. And because we were founded by highly gifted instructors and three couples who fell in love with ballroom, we are motivated by and make decisions based on, our collective love of ballroom dance.

We are enthusiasts, not salespeople. We will welcome you with open arms, not because it will help our bottom line, but because it will achieve our top line, to share our passion for ballroom dancing.


Ms. Kelly Stacey
Owner / Operator

Patrick Derry
Owner / Operator

Anastasia Trutneva
Owner / Operator

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