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TaLii Towels

TaLii Towels


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The TaLii Towels Story

 So many people ask me how Taliitowels all started. Like most great ideas Talii came from a need. During the summer of 2012 my cousin from Belgium and I spent time together at the cottage, and she had a lovely towel with her. I loved its fantastic qualities: it was compact, quick drying, and super absorbent. I looked to purchase one in Canada and there were none that offered a variety of sizes or fantastic colours. I set out to find a manufacturer and after a year of R&D, in May of 2014, I placed my first order. Although I only wanted 4 for myself, there was a 1000 piece minimum order. I ordered 50 pieces of both sizes in my 10 chosen colours. My manufacturer insisted on 1000 of the same color but I convinced him to produce the 1000 piece order in 10 colours. I hosted a launch party in my home, which cleared out most of my stock! By week 5, I had sold 700 of the 1000 towels. This confirmed my knowledge that I had something very special. I did my first event at the Bindertwine in Kleinburg in September 2014 and soon found that residents were hunting me down for towels. That was a proud and exciting time for me as I knew moms were sharing their towels and their stories about how great they were at saving space, drying fast, and not smelling.

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